We bought a bottle of castor oil for our .... well, everything, skin, hair..etc. Here is what we think to date:

  • On skin: It is a bit thick and sticky. It does not really dissipate. So, it stays on your skin and kind of makes everything oily, your sheets, your clothes. We also tried it on our faces and it just makes our faces too oily for our liking. We stay in the tropics so it might just not be suitable for our climate. It is a very good emollient though. We will definitely use this when we are in climate countries.
  • On hair: It is simply too sticky and thick for the hair. It made our hair look too greasy.
How we are using our castor oil now:
  • We use it on very specific spots. Lets say elbow and ankles. We also use it for very dry spots. It works very well.
  • We mix it with other oils like jojoba and sweet almond oil. The other oils are lighter and so the mixture makes it easier to use castor oil. We usually use this ratio, 1 castor oil : 2 other oils. We also add some essential oils to make this a good massage oil or simply a moisturiser.
  • We have not tried it on our hair with the oil mixture. It just seems too greasy for us.
How else are you using your castor oil? Do share.

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Woojoo said...

I've been using castor oil for years for specific uses recommended by Edgar Cayce.
1) To remove eye makeup. I rub a drop into my eyelids and lashes, then gently tissue off. It encourages lash growth.
2) To shrink, and sometimes completely get rid of, (raised) moles. Just rub in a drop a couple of times every day and the mole will shrink. Sometimes I put some on a bandaid and put it over the mole to keep it on longer, but it works either way.

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