This is a rather weird post. We have been reading about Preparation H as a beauty saver. Yes, this crazy ass ointment is also used by celebs such as Sandra Bullock on her face! Prep H is known to constrict blood vessels and so reduces puffy eyes and could potentially reduce the signs of wrinkles.

The thing is, a lot of ladies said that the original Prep H ingredients are not available in the new US formula anymore. The original Biodyne which is a live Yeast derivative is still available in the Canadian formula.

We found this Prep H ointment in the pharmacy which is from Canada. It has hydrogenated shark liver oil and also hydrolysed yeast. This is what is different from the US formula. It does not say it is BioDyne.

The Canadian formulation of Prep h includes a yeast extract called BioDyne which has been removed from the formulation previously sold in the US in 1995. This yeast extract is believed by Pfizer to remove wrinkles from skin and deal dry cracked and irritated skin, The Canadian formulation has acquired a market in the US as a skin cream with an anti-wrinkle active ingredient.

We believe that BioDyne is a brand, a name of yeast extract. Though we are not entirely sure, we were glad to have found this Canadian version to give it a test.

Now, this is the back of the ointment pack, its instructive for its original usage.

We decided to have a patch test on the wrinkles on our wrist. This is the beginning of the test. We have just put on the ointment.

This is our wrist at about 40minutes later. It definitely seems to us that Prep H has an immediate effect on reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It is only temporary. So, we are still questioning if this hydrolysed yeast is that same BioDyne. Do you guys out there have an answer?

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