It is going to be the new year in a few hours. We are on our way to town to meet our good friend. We thought we will do a bit of window shopping and reminisce the old times before heading to our regular wine place.

On the year that is going to pass, what a crazy year with ups and downs! Good things happened on the job front we suppose, very good things. We made some new friends and our lives will only change for the better with our passions burning in a brighter light. 

We also learnt much about friendship and unions. How easy it is for people to stray with envy and jealousy and eventually betray and backstab. That is all in the past and as our palmist mentioned, we will always cut these people off without second thoughts. Thus we will always be free of nonsense in out lives. Yippee!

We found all the above resolutions on the internet. There are quite a lot of overlaps. But what is ours? So here is a list of what we hope to achieve in 2014:

  1. Lose weight? Not quite. Don't think we are out of shape. But we do need to be toner and more fit.
  2. Exercise? Yes! More walking, more getting out and about. Join Penny for yoga at one point.
  3. Drink more water? Drink more tea! Our infusions.
  4. Quit smoking? More like quit the social smoking.
  5. Earlier to bed? This is debatable. We don't think we go to bed that late but we should really learn and develop a good sleeping pattern. We believe we can train ourselves to have deeper sleeps.
  6. Drink less. Isn't this the resolution for every year?
  7. Find love indeed.
  8. Enjoy life and be less of a workaholic.
  9. To be better at what we do. To be more patient and be a better mentor. 
  10. To hopefully start cooking again. 
  11. To de-clutter and not clutter this 2014. Live minimally! One does not need that many things.
  12. Don't procrastinate. We do not think we do, but less of this is better anyway, to do laundry, to go out, to de-clutter, to everything in life.

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