We have been most anonymous on this blog. We. Me. I have been using the royal We. Some people ask why. I started this blog years ago because I thought it was too mundane, simply just going to work. I didn't have anything else. No aim, nothing. It was a young thing, being aimless. It was that time in my twenties that all you really know is to work. Whatever else happens, will happen and life should roll itself out. Yes, it seems to work that way. Time is key in knowing what oneself wants to do. Anyway, the blog was born as a hobby.

This blog was something very different years ago. It was supposed to be an archive of sustainable ideas. Which, it still is. It is just more of an archive of my thoughts now. It was increasingly difficult to maintain the blog to be a craft, diy, knowledge based avenue on top of my busy job. The royal We was meant to be an entity. I thought that FF (Fidgety Fingers) would perhaps one day be a company, selling products or be an entity to teach about sustainability. But life happened so FF remained as a dream.

Ask me now, and I will tell you I don't see FF going down the craft route. In my journey through life, I have realised sustainability doesn't related only to recycling and upcycling...etc. Anyway, that is another matter.

I am not exactly on Facebook. I have accounts on Facebook, Twitter and what not, but they are not active. I never update it nor do I have any interest to friending people on those social media. I am a very private person and if you want to know anything about me, just ask. In this recent years, I have learnt to realise that people are nosy, they will always search for someone on the internet, or sneak into a Facebook profile and see what that person is up to. But the truth is, if someone is laughing about your breakup or any of your blunders, they would perhaps gloat for a minute or two and then reality slips in... they still have to live their lives and chances are, they will make their own blunders. So haha to them too. The bottom line is to be responsible to yourself, be true in your decisions and actions. No one cares what you ate, what you bought, where you went, if you got a new haircut or a new dress, a new scar...etc. Because in the end, they still have to live their own lives, they still need to go out there to get that scar or haircut or dress and not see that someone has done it.

So here it is. This is the face of Fidgety Fingers.

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