Please feel free to add a comment on some other uses I might have missed out on this list, or uses that we do not know of yet!
  1. To moisturise your body of course.
  2. As a makeup removal. You will still have to wash your face after that to fully remove the residue in the moisturiser left on your face. Nonetheless, your makeup will be off your face. Use cotton buds for your eyeliner.
  3. As a leather softener. I would be careful and check that your moisturiser is fragrant-free and do a patch test before smearing it all over. Some leathers are not finished off properly and hence their dyes or coloured coatings could come off easily.
  4. Soften calluses. Rub in the moisturiser and then smear more of it on your feet. Wrap your feet with those A4 size plastic bags you find at the supermarket aisles for vegetables and fruits. Then put on socks over the bags and then go to sleep. Your feet will be moisturised the next morning and your calluses will also be softer. Wash the moisturiser off your feet and soak your feet for about 10 minutes before your remove your calluses by pumice, scrapping or the Ped Egg.
  5. As shaving cream. Some of used shampoo or shower gel or simply the suds when you are showering. But if you are not shaving in the shower, moisturiser is something to consider. You do not need to rinse too. Just wipe it off and your skin is moisturised at the same time.
  6. As a massage oil. Massage oils are sometimes expensive to buy, so you can consider simply using your moisturiser or add a few drops to your moisturiser for that extra oomph.
  7. For dry hair ends or fly-away hair. I am not suggesting applying it as your serum or leave-in conditioner. It would be too oily. If you do not need an overall serum or if you just want to tame your dry ends, try this. Rub the moisturiser between your hands. This should not be creamy, if so, rubs the excess into your skin, your arms or legs. You just need some oil from the moisturiser on your palms, activate the oil by rubbing your palms together and clean off the oils onto your hair ends or tame fly-aways.
  8. Prolonging your perfume. I think I have read this somewhere or it might be with vaseline. But I think a fragrant-free moisturiser would work too. What you want is something that will stick to your skin a bit longer than the ethanol in the perfume which will evaporate into the air throughout your day. Apply some fragrant-free moisturiser onto your neck, wrists or areas where you apply your perfume and then spray away. It should last longer than usual. Do try this on days in first, you do not know what is in your moisturiser that might react with the perfume sometimes. If it starts to smell different from your perfume after a while, you know your moisturiser probably contains too many chemicals and nonsense.

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