I went to the Asian Civilian Museum yesterday for a talk. I joined them last year for the first time on a talk on Laos and I was hooked. They would hold a free talk on the last Friday evening of every month. And it would be held by a researcher or author or academic in that particular subject of interest. There are usually about 60-80 people attending the talks. They are mostly elders and poised people who enjoy more intellectual topics. The museum is located opposite the Fullerton Hotel Singapore on Boat Quay, so it is a superb location for an after talk drink or dinner.

The topic yesterday was on Thomas Edward Lawrence of Arabia. I have heard of him but not much and definitely not in details. I was grateful to the free talk together with the free refreshment of biscuits and hot tea. The talk on Lawrence was superbly touching and very well put together. He was such a passionate man with such integrity. He stepped away from fame and the limelight because what was important to him was more than that. I love his quotes and his ideas. And I wished there was more time with and records of Dahoum (his friend, and assumed lover). Unfortunately Dahoum passed away before Lawrence could conquer the land and save him from the wretched life of war.

I particularly love the quote on the kingfisher. The presenter stated that quote in the beginning of the talk when she introduced the ideas and thoughts of Lawrence and ended with it. Indeed, this very amazing man was the Kingfisher.

The thought of his integrity brought a tear at the end of the talk.

This was assumed to be written for Dahoum after Lawrence learnt of his passing.

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