I had always ever only made lunch boxes for others. I have never really spent great effort to make anything for myself. I thought that should change. And boy, have I been feeling the love. It is such a cosy feeling. 

I really value my own time in the evenings, working on my hobbies and catching up on my videos and movies. That makes my day worthwhile, it isn't about going to work in the morning and does that. Work doesn't mean much to me because it is a means to an end. It is just something that pays the bills. I have spent too much time and effort on work before that doesn't pay and appreciate back. So, the time I find to better myself at the end of each day is very valuable to me. 

In order to knock off on time, I make sure I finish my tasks quickly and off to my second leg of the day. It makes sense to do this then eating out too. I am not sure if there is a change in the hawker food culture in Singapore or that my taste and preference has changed for the better. I find hawker food satisfying but it doesn't satisfy me nutritiously. Affordable hawker food is mostly of carbs, noodles and rice with that token meat or vegetable. Especially vegetable! Sometimes the only vegetable on the dish is the spring onion garnish. Kid you not.

Hence, I have also included making lunch boxes for myself as part of my substantial after work days. And for Lunchbox 230315, I have learnt how to make a simple pate. How is that for awesome. Yeah, the photography is a bit crap from the warm light and mobile phone but I was beat after all that cooking.

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