We are working this weekend. We feel good, empowered that our ability has brought us to this stage in life where we have an awesome team supporting us. Despite that, our job is more difficult and sometimes it cause sleepless nights. We get so tired these days that going out to explore the city over the weekend is hardly an activity to consider. 

This tiredness is surreal in itself. We have read about how people look so desperately to get themselves into a lucid dreamscape, when we go into that lucid state every day. For those who do not know what lucid dreaming is about, here is a definition. A lucid dream is any dream in which one is aware that one is dreaming. In relation to this phenomenon, Greek philosopher Aristotle observed: "often when one is asleep, there is something in consciousness which declares that what then presents itself is but a dream".

And as much as people claim that lucid dreaming makes them feel fresh and energised, we beg to differ. We guess if lucid dreaming is something that doesn't happen every night for us, it might be a fresh experience that might just energise us considering how much a novelty it must be. However, this lucid dreaming happens every night. It is fun, and it is great for the weekend when we can sleep in. It is not so fun when the sleep is compromised. It has even become that work happens in our dreams. So, just how restful can that be?

Does anyone out there experience from lucid dreaming every night? Do you feel tired or rested upon wakefulness?

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