We are at this crossroad again. Decisions have to be made. Perhaps heads will roll, perhaps they will not. We don't know. Perhaps sometimes we care too much. Perhaps, just perhaps our focus is in the wrong place.

There are so many times we want to run away, to a place no one knows us. That perhaps we can start from scratch and no one cares. We can be anyone we want. There is no history, no nothing, just this very moment and tomorrow, and just us. When we are expected to make changes and the people who have asked us for that aren't helping, we question where the whole universe is heading. Why ask us the question then? When the universe makes something happen, is it to test our tenacity to steer clear and do the right thing, or is it telling you 'hey this is the thing to follow'? Everything is so perturbing.

Sitting here this weekend, pondering over career choices amongst other things... The reality is that when the lights are switched off and when you can only hear your own breath and heartbeat, there is only you.

There are questions and more ponders. But yes, we know this. No matter what, we have to come first. Because when you try so hard to make a difference and people only ask you to back off, or when that something just doesn't belong to you, or when you know what the problem is and no one is going to admit that with you and it will never go away... you will be here at night with your hand to your chest, pushing on it so hard because your heart is breaking and you have to keep it in together. Always, always love yourself first. Because no one tries as hard as you in your own life to keep everything working. No one will push your heart back in for you.

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