HER: I wish I could hug you now.
HIM: Me too, and then I'll bring you to brunch somewhere.
HER: OK. Sure. And then I wanna hold your hand and have a long walk by the sea or river. To walk off the brunch. And occasionally stop you to kiss bomb you.
HIM: Mmm
HER: Or ask you to look somewhere else and plant a kiss on your lips. To have you window shop and hug you from behind. Wanna share an ice cream cone with you and fight over the flavours and kiss you with your favourite flavour on my lips. Wanna laugh over the silliest things and fight over the stupidest thing and walk away from you to have you run after me and give me the biggest hug from behind. And then kiss because we are just that stupid. Wanna go to the market with you to pick random ingredients to then decide that we are not even sure what to cook with them. Wanna see you cook your stuff and then for you to realise it isn't tasty and laugh about it. Wanna cook delicious stuff for you and stuff the fridge with goodies that we cook so you will not be hungry and wonder what to get from outside. I wanna do a million things with you. I could die a million times for all the apocalypses to happen just to experience those things with you.

And then she waits and there is no reply.

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