We found this in one of our messy folders of mails received and as ambiguous as it is, it broke our hearts.

Here it goes:

I am on the plane now and as usual, it is taking a while to take off. This is an evening flight and I cannot wait for it to take off so I can order a beer on this budget airline. Somehow, I like the transaction. I pay for how much I drink. And then I remembered how much I have not travelled. What was the last time? I remember. So jaded from work travel. I like this ruggedness all of a sudden. Was always fancy.

The plane moved and I saw the lights and I was inhaling the fresh air in the cabin as supposed to the haze outside. I cried a little knowing my family and friends are not doing the same. And then before I know it, I flighted.

And then I wished the person who was sitting next to me was you. Only that he was a fili with his family. And how I wished when I was listening to my podcast that we had this dual earphone thingy that we would smile at each other and laugh and squeeze our hands so tight. All these, I missed with a person and it wasn't  until I have spoken to u that I think I could even be remotely possible.

Maybe it isn't you. Maybe it is me. Maybe all of a sudden my heart is open after five years. I don't know but why are you in this moment then? Either go away or stay. Simple. Don't text or text in a consistent manner.

I took some pictures after takeoff and nothing was clear. I frowned. Why was this happening? And supposedly I am going away to fix something in my life  is a secret to my family. And I have left them in the fumes. I whelmed up inside. With my work laptop on my feet. With my heart heavy leaving my team behind, what do I have for myself? I wonder. What am I living for?

And I think of you. And why you? I don't even know you. But you have been on my mind. Who are you? And wake up to see if you were the one who texted. But no. Why are you occupying my mind and I yearn to see ur name appear on my phone. And the crappiest of it all. I don't even know your full name. Yes I know your last name, not your middle. And you never appear.

Please say goodbye in a nice way and then we block each other. This is a bit ridiculous. It would make a lot of difference if u were here and also without the traveling lifestyle. I tried that myself. And saw someone who had that, failed terribly. And then I met you and we know nothing of each other.

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