I am a frequent traveller and I go to developing cities and towns to immerse into their cultures. With that, I try to take a lot of street food to understand their culture and also to mingle with the locals. Although one can assume street food is more or less safe to eat considering everyone else is doing it, there are also a lot of things that a traveller might not be able to stomach. It could be the herbs and spices used, or it could simply be the way it is prepared. 

I normally go through a period of detox when I return to my home city. Being a frugal traveller, it also does not mean that you can go for the regular salads or your choice of meals all the time. You just have to live with what is affordable and along your route of travel. Hence, you might not be having very balanced meals for days on end. Many one-person meals do not have enough vegetables to be considered balanced in our countries. Hence you can imagine your body like a vessel that needs to be drained of it's toxins after your travel or holiday. So, the money question: Does herbal tea actually work? I shall review my experience with it.

  • It contains natural ingredients: Be it Ginger, Chamomile, Myrrh, Marsh Mallow, Ppeppermint Leaves, Rooibos, Persimmon Leaves, Holy Thistles. 'Natural' is the key word. Most detox teas contain artificial ingredients. Imagine adding more manmade substances into your already toxic body.
  • My favourite 2 ingredients Ginger and Chamomile are it. These are scientifically proven to work in the human body. Ginger increases our blood flow and also aids in digestion. Chamomile calms you and also makes your skin glow. Imagine your body working hard to get rid of the toxins, yet you do not feel the stress it is working hard to fight the battle for you.
  • You might be asking how a tea bag or some leaves or flowers can help to detox or lose weight. Here is why a lot of people do not see the result. Your vessel is already full of toxins. You should not, and I repeat, should not load it with more toxins. Many people think that detox products are miracle products where they can continue their lifestyle of vices, and they would be miraculously cleansed. No, it does not work like that. Even when you are trying to clean stains off your clothes, you do not add more stains to it when cleaning do you? So, always watch what you eat and drink while using herbal tea to make sure you get the maximum results. Cut down on artificial products and junk food, soft drinks, alcohol... you get the drift.
  • My top tip on using herbal tea is to sip it on an empty stomach. This is made of natural ingredients that are mild on your stomach. But they are also have active oils and minerals which will work better when absorbed quickly and immediately.

Enjoy the taste and rejuvenate yourself the way I did!

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