The top picture shows a Life Plant with baby leaves coming out of the mother leaf. Like a fish in a small pond, this plant will not grow beyond the size of the pot. The ability to expand and grow bigger becomes these 'leaflings', which eventually falls out into the pot and grows into another plant. Or, they drop into the gutter beneath and sprouts into new plants.

The ability and will to reproduce for this plant is commendable. But to be honest, it can be quite a nuisance. And every time we clear out the gutter, these new plants find a place in the bin. It is rather sad considering the nurturing mother plant.

Hence, Fidgety Fingers has decided to rescue these 'leaflings' and give them new homes, more glamorous than the good old gutter. We went to the garden and took some cacti which are also overflowing from the pot, and carefulness put them in a miniature landscape garden along with some moss into a found bowl (15cm in diameter). Now this is sitting as a proud rescue in somebody's kitchen. All he needs now is some miniature spaceman figurine or animals to jazz it up.

As these are cacti and succulents, they do not require much water. The more water you give it, the larger they will grow. Watering once a week is reccommended. You can trim the life plant to keep it in shape.

Fidgety Fingers look forward to showcase more adopt-a-plant ideas soon.

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