Danny Seo has a never-ending roll of hemp but most of the comments he received are to make bags, mats and small items. At Fidgety Fingers, we are thinking BIG.

Hemp fibre is one of the strongest and most durable of all natural textile fibres, hemp is three times stronger than cotton. Clothes made from hemp will outlast their competition by many years. Not only are hemp t-shirts strong, but they also hold their shape, stretching less than any other natural fibre. Hemp may be known for its durability, but its comfort and style are second to none. The more hemp clothing is used, the softer it gets. "Hemp clothes do not wear out, they wear in." Hemp is also naturally resistant to mould and ultraviolet light. Due to the porous nature of the fibre, hemp is more water absorbent, and will dye and retain its colour better than any fabric including cotton. This porous nature allows hemp clothing to "breathe, "so that it is cool in warm weather. Furthermore, air which is trapped in the fibres is warmed by the body, making hemp clothes naturally warm in cooler weather.

The color of hemp is natural and sits with the greenery very well. With a coat of waterproof substance, hemp can also take light rain. For the fact that it is very porous, it dries easily without the risk of mildew.

With all these natural properties, it would be a pity to use that big roll of hemp for itsy bitsy items. We like the sound of stylish tents, gazebos, or even a stylish teepee as above. The frame of the teepee is easily managed with bamboo poles we can find at the gardener's. Line the teepee with hemp, cut a couple of roll-up windows and cut out small holes on top to create that charming starry effect when it gets dark.

Beautiful for picnics in the days, sweet nothings in the evenings, and great as a kids' playhouse!

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