A rubber band ball is a bouncy ball made by tying rubber bands into a knot and then wrapping or twisting more rubber bands around it until the desired size is achieved. Some people speed the process by starting with a core of wadded paper or a rubber ball (such as a superball). However, some people consider this cheating.
The world's largest rubber band ball was created by Steve Milton, current World Record Holder, and has a diameter of over six feet. The 4,600+ lb ball is estimated to contain over 175,000 rubber bands. It set the world record on November 21, 2006 in Chicago, IL. The first record-winning ball was made by John Bain.
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We have cheated here by starting with an aluminium foil centre. We are not creating this for bouncing purposes, but more for a little device to keep and store rubber bands. Cannot wait to collect enough bands to cover the foil.

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