We are traveling in Mumbai, India at the moment. The city is extremely polluted. Nobody really needs to wash their cars or windows here. It will get dirty in a couple of seconds after. Traveling in a harsh condition like this makes it impossible not to shower every time you have a chance to. Soap almost does not do it for us. The thought of us staying out the whole day with dirt blown onto us, laundry is a must at the end of everyday and definitely a good scrub every night!

Like most travelers, we always miss out a thing or 2 that we need. In this case, a good scrub. But being Fidgety Fingers, we managed to make a scrub out of the items we found in our hotel room.
  • A sachet of coffee grounds
  • 2 sachet of demerara sugar for that extra scrub (optional)
  • A sample pack of baby oil we found in our toiletry bag (optional)
  • Shower gel in the hotel room
We started by emptying the sachet of coffee ground into a glass.

Mixed it with the demerara sugar. The sugar really is optional. But we like a good scrub with smaller grains (the grounds) and bigger ones (the sugar).

We found some bath salts in the room and added to the mixture. Later we realised that the salt grains as so big that it felt a bit rough. So if you want to add bath salts into it, make sure they are of smaller grains. The bath salts helps to neutralise the smell of the scrub a little if you do not like to smell too mocha-ish.

Lastly, we added enough shower gel for the mixture to be like putty. Sticky enough so that the grains stay together when you pick them up with your hands. This glass of scrub lasted 3 showers and we kept it in the bar fridge after every use. Try scrubbing and then dipping into a tub of water after. The bath water is then infused with the coffee grounds on your skin. Soak for a little while in the tub. Caffeine helps to perk up the skin. We love the coffee smell on our skins after the scrub. It just smells so luxurious. Our skins were smoother after the scrub too.

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Anonymous said...

Cool! Anything for me to pack less and stock up on shopping!

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