We watched an old series of Gordon Ramsay and got inspired by his passion to rear his own food. In one of the episodes, he researched snails and found out that those edible buggers are available in all our gardens. All they need is a merely detox to rid whatever nasty things they might have eaten in the garden that contains chemicals and all.

We are extremely cite about that. But we do have to research more into it as the garden snails found in our region has a pointy shell. Not sure if that is an edible species although this site did mention that all land snails are edible. Read more about it here.
I would suggest gathering the snails right after or even during a heavy rain. Snails like to come out onto the sidewalk when it rains (they probably don’t like drowning). If you don’t anticipate rain anytime soon, you can spray the yard down with a garden hose and then wait awhile for the little guys to come crawling out. I don’t know how long it takes them to come out when it gets wet, but they are snails, so it’ll probably take a few hours.

First, wash the snails with water.

After you’ve gathered your snails, place them in a jar with a tight fitting lid and a few holes for breathing and leave them alone for two days without feeding them. You want to make sure you don’t skip this step as it’s the detoxification process and will allow your snails to purge any toxins they’ve consumed recently.
Gordon suggests putting a carrot in their jar after two days of detox and leaving them until their poo starts turning orange. I’ve also heard that you can feed them cornmeal which is supposed to make them taste good (I’m going to go with Gordon’s suggestion on this one).
After they’re pooing orange, put them in an airtight jar and leave them in the fridge until they stop moving. Your snails are now ready to cook!


Anonymous said...

what the fuck? any creature big and small.... talk about torture!

Anonymous said...

wow, are you a vegan? in fact our eating of meat, beef, chicken whatever is more cruel than the hibernating snails.

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