Again we apologise for the bad photography. We of all people should know how important photography but our camera is broken and we are really just waiting for our camera phone to break down before we find the biggest excuse to buy a new camera.

Ok, we all have old tee shirts and tee shirts with holes. But some of them are so comfortable that we do not wish to throw them away. Old tee shirts are the best in terms of comfort. The cotton is washed over and over again and it feels so soft! In this project we are going to demonstrate how to modernize an old tee. We found this tee with a hole on the back.

What we have done here is to cut lines on the back of the tee where the hole is. We left an inch of space between each line. We cut from the collar to the bottom, sniping the bottom strip as seen.

Pull a strip and roll it between your fingers. You do this so as to give more body to the strip so that it will not look like a flat piece of strip when we work on it.

Second strip under the first one.

Pull the third strip through and lose first and second. Fourth strip under third, pull fifth through and lose third and fourth. Continue with the rest.

Finish the end with knots.

This is what it looks like when it is done. It looks a bit scrunched up but it will stretch when you wear it.

Closeup and back of tee shirt. Sorry, it was difficult to photograph the back when none of my colleagues are around. Enjoy. You can go on to cut a nice neckline or remove the sleeves to make it into a nice tank.

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