We can be of extreme ends when we pick hotels. It really depends where we are going and what kind of holiday we are on. If it is a beach holiday, do not expect us to pick a dodgy hotel because we know that we would be spending a lot of time in the room chilling out.

For the sake of our Malacca trip, a 2-day-1-night stay, we looked at a few hotels or inns to compare and weigh our options. It was a mere 1 night stay but we just want to share our train our thoughts for a comfortable budget holiday as we know people who would book overpriced hotels for even a night.

Of all the places we looked at, we booked to stay at the Baba House on Heeren Street in Malacca. Here is why:
  • AFFORDABLE for less than S$50 for 2 persons. It has no windows, this is why it is cheap! Why bother with windows when we were only staying for a night and only using the room to freshen up and sleep. Too many things to do for our stay in Malacca.
  • BREAKFAST included, very basic. We did not have the breakfast though. We were craving for specific food.
  • ENSUITE (SHOWER AND TOILET ATTACHED). Most hotels of this price are either very old and not well kept or that they do not have ensuites. The ensuite definitely made that cooling shower and midnight pee more comfortable.
  • LOCATION is brilliant. It is located just behind Jonker Street and is in the hub of everything happening in Chinatown. It is really the only place you should and would want to visit. It has a lot of charm.
  • AIR-CONDITIONED! It was so hot in Malacca, it was impossible to not choose a hotel with air-con. There were loads of cheaper options but without air-con. Would you do that in the midst of a heat wave?
  • WIFI was provided free in the lobby. We didn't use it but always good to have.

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