We love cooking. We never needed to cook until we went to the UK to work. It was trying with the food then. UK food standards have soared. We went back and were impressed by the high standards in their gastropubs these days. Food is also getting fresher and healthier in the UK.

We didn't have a choice but to learn to cook then. One do not really need to cook in Singapore because it is cheap to eat out. It might even cost more if you were to cook at home. Food outside is not necessarily healthy due to the additives and msg added.

Cooking is a skill. It is a talent these days if you ask us. Many people we know cannot cook from scratch to save their lives. Give them a bottled sauce or something and that would basically boost their confidence in the kitchen. Give them fresh, beautiful produce and they would be clueless.

We love Gordon Ramsay's energy and strife for beautifully cooked food. We love Jamie Oliver's passion to teach people to eat right. We love 'Ready Steady Cook', that helps a lot of people to learn how to cook simply but creatively, and within a budget. There are all these wonderful culinary programs that teach people how to cook with such ease with an abundance of ideas. But all we could see is nothing but people (friends!) sitting on their arses watching these programs with their takeaways. Baffling.

Some people say they cannot cook. Whatever it is, they just cannot cook. It is merely following instructions isn't it? Are you dumb? We have loaned cook books to people we know but nothing happened from there. We are not sure what it is. We are not as noble as Jamie Oliver to travel around the world to change things. We don't have that kind of money but we will do whatever we can with this blog to teach people who to cook simply and creatively and also to grow your own herbs and perhaps some produce.

Meanwhile, here are some unappetizing home cooked meals by people who cannot cook to save their lives. Watch out for the chicken with stubble.

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