Come on, he was hot. In comparison to all the chefs we have now, he was really rock and roll. He just aged badly. It is just a pity how someone had missed the prime of his life spending that much time in the kitchen. I admire him for giving up his michelin stars.

Marco Pierre White made history by being the youngest British Chef to be awarded with 3 Michelin Stars at the age of 33.

Born in Leeds in the north of England on December 11th 1961, Marco Pierre White had cooking in his blood. His father Frank was a chef, as was his grandfather. His mother Maria Rosa White was Italian, and her sad passing when Marco was only 6 years old has affected his life deeply.

He is often known as The Rock N' Roll Chef as he doesn't always play by the rules, at least not in his early career. Marco Pierre White has been known to immediately eject patrons from his establishments if he took offense to their comments about his food. In the 1980's a city trader dining in one of his restaurants enquired about a side order of chips. Marco personally hand cut and cooked the chips, then charged £25 for the priviledge.

It wasn't just customers who experienced White and his fiery side; a young chef who had complained about heat in the kitchen, had the back of his chef's jacket and trousers cut open by White who at the time was holding a pairing knife.

Young Chefs who have trained under Marco Pierre White include Gordon Ramsay.

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