Relocation is never an easy thing, with new cultures and having to adapt to a new environment. We have relocated about 1.5 times, so we should know better.

S is going to the Netherlands and it is expensive there. Although shipping is expensive in itself too, some things might just be cheaper to buy and ship there? We don't know yet. We are still researching into the costs. In general, things have the same digits with different currency symbols. So, you can get a good idea of living over there. It costs approximately S$6/kg to ship.

We have friends who relocated back to the tropics and said that they wished they had brought back more of their personal effects. The whole trouble of buying new things and the whole charade of going out to source for them, compare prices and all is simply hectic. Some friends told S to ship and some said she might as well buy new things there. We are just curious as to which option weighs out more in expenditure.

What about that expensive cooking pan? It weighs approximately 3kg (we are sure it is less). Shipping cost=approx. S$24, to buy a new one in NL=approx. €50-60. Cheaper to ship. For example, Mr Washy bought loads of razor blades last time he came. A pack of 4 blades costs S$20 or €20. Ermmm, you are definitely not going to buy blades in Europe for sure. Shipping is the way. Of course it amounts to what is relatively light but expensive to buy there.

Some friends relocated to NL with just a suitcase, and then their spouse obviously had to reimburse the lack of clothing and comfort items by buying new stuff. It is not fair to Mr Washy. Shipping is more efficient and cost-effective in the whole scheme of things. That is at least our 2 cents worth.

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