Sex and the City 2 movie is out in the theatres. Which one of them are we? We are actually none of them. If we really have to pick one, we would say we are Miranda, the career-minded cynic. We hate shopping, so that makes us none of those girls. And we are not the sort of high fashion girls. We are the alternative sort, whatever that means.

High heels? No, thanks. We read in a psychological writeup a while back, that why men love women in heels is all linked back to primal instinct. High heels prop up calf muscles, even when one has very little of it. Propped up calf muscles, ready to run, i.e. fleeing animal. There is this cat and mouse link between men and women.

We are probably the most unfeminine of women, but then again...maybe not. We don't know and to be honest, we don't care. We are not going to stick to some primal instinct, social stereotype of sexy to get notice.

The famous Naomi Campbell fall.

Here are just some reasons why we don't like heels:
  • There are difficult to walk in. We know some women who can walk in them. But try all day! And walking, and not complaining and asking for breaks.
  • They are really not good for you. Posture and feet-wise.
  • To get good and orthopedic correct ones are expensive. You cannot really buy cheap heels, your spines and discs will suffer.
  • We really love walking. We love walking after romantic dinner. So, we really do not like anything that will stop our romantic evening from continuing. Especially not walking in a pair of heels.
  • We love our alcohol. Alcohol and heels do not go well together.
  • A pair of heels have x number of wear until you have to go to the cobbler to get the sole or the stud replaced. Mind you, we looked at some of our old heels, the studs are worn to a slant most of the time, that is really how most people walk, no one walks flat. So, your body and spine is subjected to the slants of the studs until you replace them. Imagine all that incorrect posture and weight on those stiletto heels. And be honest, how many of you actually do go to the cobbler to replace those studs. You probably wear it out to the max before you actually do bother.
  • Heels = car or taxi. 
  • We really don't care about sexy. If sexy means high heels, those men can just hang out in a shoe boutique. 
  • We are 174cm tall, do we need heels?
Seriously, give us a pair of flats and ... Life, here we come! Swear!

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