We were talking to a friend today and what annoys us of most people surfaced again. It is that irritating little thing called inertia, sometimes known as fear or laziness, or complacency, or many other words. Trust us, we have been through this stage of life, whining and wondering why why why. A friend's advice in the past was, whatever the situation, you are the common denominator. The problem is you. We agree that one's mindset can change a lot of things, but why should we compromise all the time, or leave when we cannot take it. There are many factors contributing to this whining. You just have to identify it or them.

Believe you me, sometimes that bugging factor is so blatant in face that you wouldn't even notice it. For us, the problem was in our immediate environment. We changed our common denominator, subtracted some things and we are never happier.

Whatever it is, fate is a big BS if you ask us. Fate is hard work and good things come to those who work hard and strife towards their goals. This is what differentiates the movers and shakers from the mediocre. You want it? You go get it.

Another friend invited us to a gathering. She asked a few times. We were polite initially and we decided to be brutally honest the last time she asked. We said, to be honest, we don't care and that person is not really a friend. We have not been in touch and to have sat in the same class about a decade ago does not make it compulsory to meet up. Ouch, yes, we know. Anyway, the friend who forwarded the invitation is a good friend and we started talking about what the girls actually do at a gathering as such. She said, "Oh, they go on and on about babies. It is really boring. Some of the single girls are not even attending this time round." We were laughing inside. That isn't a gathering! It is a selfish little pretend-gathering-baby-forum.

Yes, our good friend is attending that pretend gathering this time although she thinks it is quite selfish and boring of the rest to indulge in their forum. This is just a tiny example of how you can so easily improve your life. You are the common denominator in all these situation. Everything is a choice. You can choose to take a loan or not, to attend a party or not, to relocate or not, to quit your job or not, to spend a year traveling or not... many times, money or whatever excuses you have are mere inertia.

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