We have been really busy since we arrived in the dam. This is only the 5th day. Still loads to do and we are fretting that we have not done enough given the time. Till now, we have only set up our living room, still in the making. The weather has been erratic but better days of summer are on their way.

Remember the stolmen we got from Marktplaats? (a second hand site, like Craigslist/Ebay)

With much difficulty from the not-so-handy Mr Washy, we have finally installed the stolmen in our humble apartment. We are using the versatile stolmen system with 4 shelves as a room divider and shelving unit mainly for our plants.

The stolmen creates a cozier corner in the living room, separating the lounge from the corridor and the dining area in our small apartment. At first the stolmen seemed to have made the room smaller as it is quite big. But it really is just psychological because the room was quite bare before. We were deciding whether to keep the stolmen in the living room or to move it to the basement so that we have a shelving unit there.

The decision to install the stolmen in the living room was to create more storage space and also to hold our edible plants. We love greens. It is summer now and greens are in abundance. However, come autumn and winter, we would be looking at a rather barren landscape. We thought we would recreate the green in our home.

If you have been following our blog, you would remember that we have been researching on growing herbs and also how to create an efficient self-watering system.

We decided on polymer beads, also known as crystal mud or soil.

We sealed the pots so that water does not drain. We then lined some pots with crystal mud at the bottom.

We then picked our selection of vegetables and herbs. We put them on top of the crystal mud and cover with compost. Crystal mud should not be exposed to the sun. If it is you would have to water it everyday so that it maintains its moisture, which pretty much loses its purpose. The mud will disintegrate into a jelly like substance and continue to hold water for your plants. Do not water the plants everyday. We reckon every 1-2 weeks is OK. It also depends on how much sun your plants are getting.

Here is a picture of our living room in the making. Loads more organizing and plants to come. Our seeds are sprouting!

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cs said...

congratulation!! looking great!! ; )

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