We have been enjoying our harvest little by little. As we stay rather close to nature, some of our plants have been infected by aphids. Yes, those buggers! We are trying our best to get rid of them but these little buggers are hardy! Or rather, they reproduce like crazy. We reckon as long as we yield our harvest, we have already gotten our money's worth.

We took the table from a house throwing out stuff. The table is in good condition, only that the child had drawn all over it. We thought just need a table, period. It didn't need to look good. It needs to withstand the rain though. So, we have a free table for our plants, which we will throw out when it is finally "rain-damaged".

This is our pumpkin plant. We are not waiting for any fruits to come out of it. We will be harvesting the leaves this week. We have tried steaming the leaves (yes, even the bigger ones, not just shoots) and drizzling it with some olive oil, salt and pepper. They tasted great, a bit like spinach.

Some of the pumpkin leaves are growing in our salvaged gift crate. We love it. This is why aphids do nothing to our morale. Summer is pretty much over here in the dam and the plants will not survive in the cold. So we are eating them either way.


CS said...

so envious of yr garden!

baobabs said...

wow!!! what a great little garden you have green fingers!

sam:: said...

you can do a nice quick paint over it, and then varnish it with some coating. helps to make it more weather resistant, and your paint job will cover the child;s scribblings!

Fidgety Fingers said...

Hi sam,

yea... We don't really want to keep this thrown-away table for too long. It is going to hold those plant for a while. They will probably die when autumn/winter arrives. Then we will convert the balcony into something else again. It is quite a gross little thrown-away find anyway.

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