We made beetroot risotto last night. We had some beetroots leftover from last friday's degustation and decided to make a full meal from them since we love the taste of beetroot. Not to forget the color.

You can learn how to make risotto here.

Here is what we did :
  1. We sweated some garlic and onions (we used red because that was what we had) with butter. You don't want too much garlic though. We only used a clove.
  2. We then add the risotto rice. Read about how to make risotto.
  3. Once the rice is in the pan for about 2 minutes, add a glass of red wine. People usually use white wine for risotto, but this recipe calls for red.
  4. Continue to make your risotto as usual with vegetable stock.
  5. We added the chopped beetroots in the middle of it all, when the rice is half done. Cooking the beetroot with the rice gives it a nice deep red like the picture above.
  6. Season with salt and pepper. Serve with parmesan cheese of course.
 So pretty, it is like a dessert. This is a very special risotto and extremely tasty and packed with those folic acids too.

We love it, so would you. Give it a try some time. This is a dish restaurants serve for stupid money.

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