Some people love winter but not us, we are tropical girls. Winter means brrr... and hibernation for us. We spent about 5 years in London. Ask us again and we would not even be able to tell you how we got through the winters. The winters have gotten worse though. We remember our dearest friend, Cheyok, sent us an sms saying, 'wake up! It is snowing, first time in 20 years.' Indeed, it was. It was hilarious to watch well-suited men slipping on the pavements when we were sipping our hot tea in the kitchen.

After 5 years in London, it was another 5 years in the tropics. The ice bergs melted and they are forming again. Here are some tips as to how we combat the cold :
  • A hat, scarf, gloves and good warm socks are always essential for a cold day. if you do not have enough warm socks, layer them! This also saves you from washing too much, wash the ones you wear on your feet. The outer layer can work for another time.
  • Our secret is ... leg warmers. We are not skinny jeanners. Even if we were, we cannot live without leg warmers. They help to keep the cold out. They insulate your ankles as well.
  • We hate to say this because Mr Washy loves it. TUCK IN! Tuck in your tee shirt into your trousers. Again, it helps to keep the cold out. That is with your jumper tucked out of course. You do not want to look like a douche.
  • If you do not wear gloves, wear at least wrist warmers. Yes, they help and you still have your fingers to fiddle with things.
  • Leggings are good because they are snug. Leggings or tights go under your jeans/trousers and provide good insulation. Not to forget they are good to go by themselves with a cute dress or skirt in Spring and Autumn. Much better than thermal wear.
  • Fleece! The warmest. Anything 'furry' helps. Sheep skin, synthetic fur, all keeps you so warm. We are wearing a fur lined knitted cardigan in doors without heating and we are fine, so far.
  • Cook. The oven and steam keeps your home warm. If you are not already turning on your heater, sit near the kitchen while your dinner stews away for some extra warmth.
  • Blankets on the couch always work as a good snuggly bit.
  • Mr Washy. Yes, snuggling in winter is very much encouraged.
  • A hot tea is always welcome at night. Hold the warm mug in your hands and be warmed up instantly. We have been drinking non-caffeinated teas like chamomile and rooibos.
  • Eat more starchy foods. Rice is always good. It stays in your body much longer than potatoes. You'd really need that extra energy burning to keep you warm.
  • Soups. Need we say more?
  • Laptop on your lap? We are definitely loving the warmth now.
  • How about a nice glass of whiskey as a night cap?
What are some of your ideas? Let us know.

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Swiedebie said...

On some days we will not use the heating system so, we'll close the curtains, and light some candles at home. It helps a little with the warmth. Sometimes I do lots of housework to stay warm.
If the night turns very cold, we will light the fireplace.

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