It is a cold frosty Sunday morning. I woke up almost at the same time at Mr Washy. He is working today and has to wake up early. We decided he would be our combat this morning. It is almost 9am and we have...
  1. ...fed the Washy breakfast, packed his lunch...etc.
  2. Do the laundry.
  3. Ferment our yeast to make focaccia later for Washy's lunch tomorrow.
  4. Prepare and pack Mr Washy's lunch.
  5. Going to make glutinous rice for tonight/tommorrow. Made and posted.
  6. Plan for dinner : glutinous rice, braised endives, herbal soup.
  7. Complete our portfolios.
  8. Reply some emails which we have been dragging.
  9. Tidy the house.
  10. Water the plants. Believe it or not, this has become a climbing affair up and down our stolmen.
  11. Finish crocheting.
  12. Make herbal soup for Mr Washy 
  13. Wash that long locks which always takes forever to dry in this frosty time of the year. 
  14. Catch up with some friends on MSN since we are not on FB, it is better this way isn't it?
  15. ...etc.
Sounds like small fiddly tasks but these are things we have to do amongst others. More tasks to come later. What are you going this Sunday?

UPDATE : Argh, all that without washing our locks is already 3.30pm. Hail to all homemakers, we are so not made to be homemakers.

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