This had been the question of debate for us for a few decades. We had a tyrant at home and the idea of harmony was warped. There was never an idea of justice or fairness. We are faced with the question again, in the chapter 2 of our lives. We know the answer. But just because they are family, does it mean you should the dartboard of all abuse? And take the nonsense? Being related by blood does not give one the license to be nasty or abusive. We know what blood and water mean to us but it seems that sometimes you would have to force yourself, to turn off the lights and just ignore the color or the density. This is another instance when blood is unreasonable. What kind of choice is there in such cases? We came across this site debating whether blood is thicker than water. We cannot agree more on some of these debates.

This is by J. Mock and it made us cry because it is all so true.

To all intent and purposes your family is supposed to be the most important factor in your life, compared to outside people, thus the saying ' blood is thicker than water.' It comes from an old English proverb which translates that the bond among family members are usually decidedly stronger than that which exists with others. This proverb may have had more meaning throughout the ages - it was first noted in the 12th Century - but it is somewhat misplaced within modern society.

A prime example is with the choosing of a partner. A husband or wife is not a blood relative, but in most circumstances the choice would result in the selection of a partner over immediate blood family.

What about maltreatment by direct family members? To the 'victim,' their relatives are not who they would choose to be surrounded with. They would rather have the choice of individuals who have treated them with care and kindness. In their eyes, these individuals are their family.
In previous years it was thought that being close to immediate family was best. People did not interfere in the happenings within a family, but modern insights have proved that family relatives can be detrimental to an individual, or individuals. Being defined as a relative no longer constitutes a label of most appropriate.'

In certain circumstances we are reminded of the proverb 'blood is thicker than water' when we appear to go against a family member and agree with an 'outsider.' Other relatives display anger towards a family member because they have a reason to feel angst against their families. Be it for a simple matter of an oral disagreement or a more serious incident they can feel torn between their own conscience and family members who still believe in the outdated view that family comes first, no matter what.

The media has highlighted instances of a mother providing an alibi for her son who has committed a crime. Why? To protect him.The mother would not necessarily do this for a friend or neighbor, but the son is 'blood' and she has felt compelled to protect him at all costs, even though she knew him to be guilty of the crime at hand.

Blood being thicker than water is an outdated proverb that does not always resemble the way we live today. We know longer spend our entire lives surrounded by our families; we move away, we travel, we interact with people from around the world. We cannot change our blood relatives but in most circumstances we can choose who we call our family and friends of whom we trust and love.

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