We are very private people. We also like a lot of alone time. We do not like letting the whole world know what we are doing. What is the point really. We are not on Facebook nor are we on any other form of social network. You might sometimes find our names but we registered eons ago just to reserve that name for ourselves. Why? Well, just in case. Isn't it cool to have than

The only form of network we have is this, our blog. Some people who know us, know about Fidgety Fingers. We update our hobbies here, we sometimes update our thoughts and concerns. Because they do not know what to say in emails sometimes, they would check our blog to see what we are up to, although cryptic. It is the least of what we can do for our dear friends, to document our lives, interests and journeys, and hopefully, to share this with our offspring one day. How else to know their parents better than to understand our thoughts and journey? Yes, although cryptic again.

We always watch our audience. There are programs to understand our readers better. What titles they like best, which posts, which keywords brought them to our blog, where are they are from, from country, to city, to town, what time they read the posts, which system or computer they are using ...etc. Yes, we know all of these, to do better.

We have noticed some activities recently. It smells a bit fishy. And it is interesting to learn who has been searching for you. It is really ironic because they would think they are being discreet and would probably not even mention it when they meet us next time. There are no comments, no emails, nothing. Just discretion, observing from that IP address. It is amazing and yet so scary how open the worldwide web is. When you think you are discreetly learning about someone else's life, they are watching you watching them. Scary stuff huh.

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