Ok, it is Day 4 and we think we are seeing some results of the ACV (short for Apple Cider Vinegar). The above picture shows the volumes you can buy it in from the store. We have only found the 2 smaller bottles. We bought the middle one. It seems to be going rather quickly considering we are drinking about 2 tbsp of it 3 times a day, diluted with water of course. We are slowly finding it very easy to drink. It is like a citrified water, if not, tea.

If you guys have not read, ACV, the unfiltered ones of course, contained soluble fibres. Which means every single sip is like eating a bit of a fruit. We have notice that the bowel movements have gotten better. Not that we suffer from constipation, but it has been smooth. We definitely feel that the ACV has aided our digestion, and being that, we can safely and surely say that the claim of 'purging toxins' out of one's body could very well be true.

This is of course dependent on individual's body type. We can all take the same thing but everyone will absorb the goodness very differently.

We have also been using the toner regular, We have noticed that our faces look more dewy, or that could be due to the rest we have been getting over the long weekend? Nonetheless, the ACV seems to be one vinegar we do not mind taking in the long run. We shall update again in the next few days.

If you want to read more of the reviews. Just go to the google search engine located on this blog, search for 'Apple Cider Vinegar Review' and it will show you everything we have written.

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