T loves gardening and Suz just wants a edible garden. Here are some information we extracted from an article. 

It introduced five common culinary herbs that are used very frequently in Southeast Asian cooking. They include the laksa plant, pandan plant, curry tree, sawtooth coriander and spearmint.

These culinary herbs can be easily bought from our local nurseries at very affordable prices as small potted plants which serve as excellent starting material for one to begin growing them at home. They save us all the time from raising some of them from seeds or cuttings.

If one is growing these culinary herbs in a highrise environment, bear in mind that they need to be grown in a location that receives direct sunshine for 4 to 6 hours daily. Ample sunshine is required by plants to develop the necessary aroma and flavour as well as to ensure a compact growth habit.

Plants may get infected by disease or infested by pests but it is not recommended to use any agro-chemicals on them because they are meant for eating. Problematic plants can be discarded right away so the problem would not have the opportunity to spread to surrounding plants. A new pot of the same herb can be bought from the nursery to replace the one that has been discarded.

The Butterfly Pea vine is just good for fences. We might even use this vine to cover the part of that external staircase up to the roof garden. We would grow this vine to up the privacy of our wonderful roof terrace. Apart from that, we will also make infusions out from the beautiful purple flowers. It is supposed to be an super antioxidant.

Ronnie whom we work with gave us a Frangipani branch which her mom is going to plant. We will then use other branches for our future Frangipanis. That is, if it does root from that branch.

The Frangipani is not edible but the tree and its branches form a beautiful structure and the flowers are super sweet smelling. Reminds us of holidays in Bali and Thailand.

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