The Warhol exhibition started in March 2012. We had wanted to go in the beginning but just as all other exhibitions, the start is always the busiest. So, we had penned it down for us to go to it this Monday. 

It was held at the Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands. Most imported exhibitions are held there these days. We were going to buy our tickets but then we were told the exhibition is free from 6th – 26th August as it is to commemorate Warhol's birthday in August. But, we have to take a picture of each of us at one of the Andy Warhol : 15 Minutes Eternal booths next to the ticketing booth. We think this might have changed since. It could have been that easy since we went on the first day of the promotion. It now says "at one of the Andy Warhol : 15 Minutes Eternal booths at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands" or take a picture with Andy Warhol or Marilyn Monroe roving the streets.

We saw most of the silk screens. Though not a lot of them, the famous ones are here at the exhibition.

We like this silk screen of the sun. Though, it is not something she would pay for. The colors are pleasant but it is simple simple simple. Perhaps some things are the simpler the better?

There is a section where Warhol made some art for children and this was showcased in a gallery in Switzerland we think. One would have to crawl through the entrance to into the gallery. This is obviously because it is made to be kids' size. The art is also hung at kids' eye level. Adults would have to bend down to appreciate the exhibit.

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