This is our research from TripAdvisor :

  • Our main critic against the resort is that it is a bit expensive for the standard they are offering. The beds are hard and one can feel the springs (luckly we were so tired ☺), it is not spotless neither inside nor out side, and some things are broken. One also has to count with ants and cockroaches in the rooms (well, I saw one cockroach but plenty of ants) :-P The water taps are too hard for smaller kids to handle them selves. If one would like to go on a boat ride (visit other islands/fishing) it is advisable to book that before arriving at the resort. We were told ”fully booked” all our four days ☹ There are sun beds on the beach, but they cost RM20/day and there are no beach towels, only for sale (RM39). They also have snorkeling equipment and kajaks for rental.
  • The weekly barbecue is a not-to-be-missed event.
  • No amenities only 2 bars of soap.  
  • No electricity supply from 9am till 12 noon daily (to save electricity).
  • The internet connection, free contrary to what they say on their website, was unstable at best or down at worst.
  • Drinks were expensive and when you consider that they bring the booze from the nearby duty-free Tioman Islands, paying S$8 for a can of Tiger is a bit OTT and the wine S$50 a bottle for Wolf Blass is a bit of a liberty in my opinion. Advice is to bring your own from the mainland...

And this is our packing list for Rawa : 

  • Sunblock and insect repellent for sure.
  • Bandages for emergency.
  • Sarongs for lying on the beach. I am surely not going on the sun beds. Loaning sun beds at a resort is simply unheard of.
  • Alcohol and other drinks and snacks. Drinking water as it sounds like it is not going to be enough.
  • Poker cards or something.
  • Towels for the beach/pool since there is none provided and we even have to buy? Or we should just bring more sarongs.
  • Shampoo and shower gel.

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