Thursday is free upsize day at the art jamming session at Arteastiq. Jeddie and S decided to go painting since Friday is a holiday and it just seems fitting. There were not a lot of people at the studio. A lot of them finish painting before their 3 hours is up and so it was only Jeddie and S left at the studio. The session starts at 6pm and ends at 9pm. S likes to document her painting progress. Her first painting was a cropped inspiration of Van Gogh's, but she reckons it is more effective and more her to do her own rather than 'copy' a reference.

This is S's first coat. Yellow was it. S likes a lot of texture and thus added those tear drop patterns to the canvas. This is achieved by squeezing the tub of paint rather than using brushes.

The drip effect is S's favorite. It creates a lot of texture in a random Jackson Pollock's style. It is however limited as not all the colours are fluid enough to achieve this.

Jeddie's palette. Very conservative in the amount of paint she was using.

S's palette with the crazy amount of paint. See how the paint is just dripping down on the palette.

 Just look at the relief of the paint on the canvas.

This is the finished painting, still dripping. We couldn't bring back the painting on the night itself because it was simply too wet. We left it there overnight and decided to have some martinis down the road.

We checked out the studio at closing to see our painting a last time. People always check out the painting sessions outside the window, just wondering what they really see from here.

We had cravings for prawn soup after martinis but it is unfortunately sold out. :-(

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