Arteastiq – Today’s Social Painting and Tea Sipping Place

There is a huge creative potential in you that is relatively untapped, because traditionally we are in a very business and money-oriented city. People rarely take the time to explore their creative side. Arteastiq tea lounge unveils its social painting space that incorporates tea as a whole therapeutic experience that exposes the artistic you.

Customers are given a 50 x 50 cm or 60 x 80cm canvas, unlimited acrylic paint, sponges, brushes and paint palette and are let loose with their imaginations. One free beverage from Arteastiq will be supplied and would-be artists can also order alcoholic beverages to help stimulate the flow of creative juices.

Arteastiq is set to be the latest rave in Singapore. Arteastiq jamming studio allows up to 30 pax in total, an original ad hoc freestyle group painting and tea party place. Start JAMMING now!

This is the reference I cropped from one of Van Gogh's. The colours are very pretty and unusual but it is definitely a brave attempt to do something by a master.

We had Korean hawker fare at the food court at Copthorne. This is cooked by Koreans! but with cheerful food court prices. My hot plate chicken set is a mere S$6.50 and Jeddie's beef soup set is S$6.50.

A painting as such takes forever. The layering and the amount of paint that goes on it takes a long time to dry before you can apply the next layer.

One hour left. This is the thing about art jamming. You only have 3 hours. You can essentially add on the hours at S$5/hr but I think the real art is to time yourself properly.

Really gutted by this blurred photo I took of the canvas before packing it. In this why Tilly cannot even see the actual beauty of the piece. No texture shown here for sure.

Jeddie painting 'The Kiss'. In her own interpretation that is. Very brave to attempt it.

My painting is so thick with acrylic I almost thought it is impossible for me to carry it home on the day itself. However the packaging from Arteastiq is quite well done. They staple the back of your canvas onto the cardboard carrier so that the front will not touch the carrier. Hence, you have a space between your painting and the carrier. It is good protection and also  gives it air to dry. We carried it on the bus and had no problem. 

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