S bought a couple of the Mouth Restaurant's Scallion Chicken deal from the online BigDeal  promotion. We had the option to dine in or have it as a takewaway.

Scallion Chicken : S$11 is the voucher deal
We had to top up S$2 for the takeaway and also the GST (S$0.95). We paid S$13.95 in total.

OUR RATING FOR FOOD : 3/5. The chicken was tender and S loved the scallion sauce. T thought that it was a bit mild. He ate the chicken with some tabasco sauce which wasn't a bad idea. The restaurant should perhaps provide a chilli sauce too. The chicken was a bit skinny though. One chicken was enough for the 2 of us without any additional side sishes.. We felt full after that. We have another chicken voucher to utilize. It is definitely worth it for the restaurant quality. We would probably not go for it without the deal as it is a pretty same chicken for what it is worth.

OUR RATING FOR SERVICE : We cannot really rate the service as we did not dine there. They did chop up the chicken only when we arrived to collect it. So, we were sure the chicken was fresh and not dried out.

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