S bought a couple of this voucher for 50%. We could use up to S$80 worth of voucher for each table. We booked a table for the 1st of May since it was a holiday and about the ony day we could safely meet for lunch without having to work. Work over the weekend seems very frequent these days.

The restaurant is located at Ion Orchard. Not a shabby place for a restaurant. It is alfresco as the name suggested.

The price of the food is a bit high for its quality. It is not fresh pasta but it will still set you back for about S$22 for a carbonara before GST and service charge.

The carbonara was tasty. S had it and T had the red snapper on a bed of ratatouille. The carbonara was not with fresh pasta which wasn't that much of a deal really. It was cooked with cream and topped with an egg yolk. There was bacon and garlic, and how about 1 cherry tomato!!! We do not like to take photographs during our meals. Not a practise, not something we enjoy seeing people do too. Hence we do not have a photo of our carbonara to prove it. Our dish was a bit far from the picture. It didn't have the chives, the fish roe and definitely not that many cherry tomatoes. Tasty nonetheless, just a bit disappointing that it wasn't what you see is what you get.

Carbonara : S$22
Red Snapper : S$28
Creme Brulee : S$14
All these set us back for about S$80 which came in as the 2 vouchers we bought. Perfect, with no more or less to pay. We did order a bottle of wine to share. So we only paid for that as beverages are not included in the deal.


OUR RATING FOR SERVICE : 2/5. The waiting staff were young and somewhat inexperience hence the score.

OUR RATING FOR AMBIENCE : 2.5/5. It is Ion Orchard, it is alfresco, but the decor is rather tacky. It isn't posh, nor is it romantic. It is simply comfortable and casual. We will probably not be back soon if there is no voucher deal. Setting back S$80 for 2 mains and a dessert is quite expensive without the discount.

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