We were out and about with Shine the other day in Chinatown when we decided to buy a beverage from the supermarket. There was a sales promoter demonstrating the ease of use on these mini rice cookers. From the left, you have pork rib soup, congee and then a savoury rice. The metal trays that are cling wrapped in front are steamed egg and rice. They are trays which you can put on top of of the rice cooker for steaming parts of your meal.

So, what is so fascinating about this, you may ask. It was really what Shine said. She said this is such a good idea. And we basically responded by saying what is so special with this, it is merely a rice cooker that is too small for anything.

Shine then continued to talk about her travels in Mongolia and Italian. She said the meals are rather dodgily prepared in Mongolia that she wished she had a mini rice cooker to prepare her own meals.

Her mom fell ill during their trip in Italy and their trip was extended as her mom had to be hospitalised. Shine stayed in the hotel for another few weeks. Italian food was expensive and the Asian food was simply not up to standard. She talked about how a mini rice cooker like this would have given her a lot of comfort.

That sparked us to think about how a mini cooker like this really could be a great life saver during traveling. It is not a bad idea to be cooking some oats porridge for breakfast, or for blanching up some vegetables. When food preparation is questionable or when eating out is expensive, or even just for a little bit of comfort, why not a mini rice cooker? We also think this would come in extremely handy if you are traveling with kids.

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