We are very light travellers. So budget flights with hand carry-ons usually work for us. We usually have hotel staff and friends exclaiming how little we carry on trips. Do we really? Yes to an extent we do. We have however, in the recent months acquired a new carrier.

We have always been carrying our iconic red Crumpler. We bought that many years ago. Come to think about it, it is about 9 years old and looking pretty pristine. We bought the bagpack as we needed a padded carrier for our laptop. Did we really need a padded carrier? Well yes we did because we were travelling a lot and it was pretty 'rough' travelling if we may. It was not the usual civilised and comfortable work travel. So the Crumpler was a pretty good buy in that sense.

Now that we are commuting for work and well *clears throat*, need to look a little bit more on the professional side, the Crumpler is failing us on that. We still love the Crumpler, for its durability, its quick and easy grab-and-go no frilly style. A friend saw what we were carrying for our work trips and made some comments about it being 'kiddish'. Well, not just one friend. So that sparked us to look for a carrier that is perhaps a bit more 'professional' looking.

That was when we stumbled upon the Mandarina Duck Air Drop and here it is. We didn't get a black one though. We picked the mysterious eggplant. It is small enough to be hand carried on board and it is pretty pretty stylish too. (Took us a while to find something that is actually a stylish suitcase)

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