We have tried Project Lunchbox and that was a hit. What is better than home cooked food? It is better than a takeaway. OK, it really depends where you are. We love street food in Vietnam and Thailand. They are super tasty and some can be very healthy too. The preparation is sometimes very simple but the taste is unrivalled. You will also be helping the economy for the poorer folks too. 

Project Lunchbox sort of ceased to exist, or at least it is on hold at the moment. We have started working from home, so what is the use of a lunchbox now? We are traveling quite a bit now though, so we thought we could possibly add a new topic to the blog with our current traveling situation. The blog is somewhat about our lives anyway, so why not make use of the stages in our lives to learn something new too.

As we mentioned on the blog before, a recent weekend walk session revealed a new idea from Shine. Shine mentioned her trips is Mongolia and an unfortunately extended trip in Italy due to her mother's brain aneurysm. She was exclaiming how much a traveling rice cooker could have helped her with the monotony of cuisine in foreign countries. 

You might be scratching your head now asking why Italian food could be dull. But really, being Asian, it isn't about pasta and olive oil everyday. We love the bland, comforting congee every now and then. It is not about having a big meal too, it is sometimes grazing simple comforts as our British friend who kindly put it. Asians graze, not like the Westerners who eats full proper meals. It was of course about a price point for Shine then as well. Paying in Euros for an unexpected extension of 2-3 weeks in Europe is something not to underestimate. 

We acquired a mini rice cooker recently. The above pictures are from the manufacturer showing the dimensions and also what is in this tiny cooker. You have the rice cooker which can take about 3 cups of rice we think and a steam tray that comes with it. It is a small enough cooker for a one-person meal, at most two. 

The challenge? We are making a point to cook with this cooker every time we travel for work, and that is about half a month. We will be cooking dinners with it and packing lunchboxes from it. We are determined to show that we can have much variety with the traveling rice cooker, not just rice dishes.

And yes, you have guesses it right, we are not traveling to Vietnam or Thailand. We are going to Thailand next month but this little gadget will not be following us. We are yearning for Thai street food!!!

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