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We are visiting Bangkok finally. Oh come on, we have been to Bangkok of course, and a lot of times for work. But going there for leisure, and solo never did happen for us. We have a chance in the coming month and watching all these Youtube videos really up the enthusiasm for us. We get to learn a word or two in Thai as well. It is interesting how being Asian, there are so many words that are shared in different cultures. Many of the Thais are Chinese too so a lot of the words are words that we know as well. We guess this is like being European and that are words that are shared in different countries.

Some Thai for Travellers:
1. Yentafo, Yentafo Hang (Dry)
This is a Kway Teow (flat rice noodle) in a pink broth. The broth gets its pink from a fermented tofu that has a red mould in it. It is sweet and sour and spicy. It is served with fish balls, some pork blood and dried squid.

2. Bamee Giew Bpu Moo Dang
Bamee: Egg Noodle
Giew: Shrimp Wonton
Bpu: Crab
Moo Dang: BBQ Pork

3. Guay Tiew Tom Yum
Kway Teow Soup. It is flavored with lime juice, chilli flakes and ground peanuts. Served with crispy wontons, pork and innards.

4. Identifying Noodles
Sen Yai: Flat rice noodles, or Hor Fun noodles. These are about 1cm broad.
Sen Lek: Thick rice vermicelli, like in Vietnamese Pho.
Sen Mee: Thin rice vermicelli.
Bamee: Egg noodle, only one made with wheat flour.

5. Adjusting the Spiciness
Ped Noi: Less spicy
Mai Ped: Not spicy

6. Take Away
Ao Glub Baan

7. Guay Jub
This is like the Singaporean innard Kway Teow, Kway Chap. Guay Jub is a noodle sheet that rolls up to be like a cigar. The broth is infused with a lot of spices like cinnamon and anise. Served with lots of innards, or entrails as she puts it.
Guay Jub Nam Kohn: Dark broth
Guay Jub Nam Sai: Clear broth which is loaded with white pepper.

8. Guay Tiew Reua
This is the popular boat noodles in Thailand. Usually mini size as they were commonly sold on boats. The broth is flavored with soy sauce and spices. This is also with pork as usual. Served with fresh herbs (bean sprouts and holy basil) on the side like the Vietnamese Pho.
Nam Tok: Add fresh blood. Adding richness and body to the broth.

9. Lod Chong
It means to go through it whole. The noodles are pressed through a contraption. It is green due to the pandan. The syrup is a smoked coconut and palm sugar mixture. The idea of the smoking is very interesting.

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