Eversince we went to Hokkaido, it has appeared to us that it is quite amazing a lot of Japanese do not and cannot afford fresh fish. A lot of the seafood products we saw were either frozen or canned. We have bought some of those cool canned Japanese fish, but we are saving them for a rainy day, well when we need a bit of special pampering.

So, we were in the supermarket that day, in Singapore that is, we saw some canned sardines for sale and we thought why not. There are many seafood brands that are imported into Singapore, which usually cost most than S$3.50 per can of sardine or tuna.

Ayam Brand is a Singapore based company and that makes it very affordable considering there is no import cost. A small can of sardine as above, which is about 155g cost us just about S$1.40. This is enough for one person and we thought it is a good size to buy.

The pull tab on the can makes it easy to crazy around for a quick snack or meal. It is pretty tasty. If you are not on-the-go and would like to give this can of cheap healthy fish a kick, how about adding some chopped chillies, onions/shallots, herbs and a squeeze of lemon or lime (calamansi is very good too).

Here we have some canned sardine ideas from Sometimes it might be even a better idea to buy a canned sardine. Fresh sardines are expensive and difficult to find in our little island. A canned of sardine is already cooked and marinated, the bones are so soft you can simply swallow them. This is a good source of calcium, apart from the fish that is so full of awesomely good omega oils. The possibilities are endless and we simply love how gourmet it can be.

This is sardine pate. What a refreshing idea.

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