We are on way for our regular work commute across the straits. We guess this commute has become very important to us in breaking some kind of monotony when it comes to working from home. 

It is surreal how routine works. This commute is a routine and yet it breaks monotony.

We were waiting to alight the plane and the phone took this very dreary sight of the acclaimed airport. It reminds us of zombie movies or apocalyptic movies even.

The reality looks different from the apocalyptic mood. It is no doubt very warm.

We reached KL and waited for the express train to KL Central. We are not entirely sure why a one way ticket costs RM35 and a return cost RM70 without a discount. What is the point of buying a return when you might be taking a taxi or hitching a ride? We can understand the purchase of a return when there is a discount but not when it is the same price really. If the reason is so that they can cut down the queueing time... Maybe . But we cannot really ever understand the logic.

This is another one of our project. No more playing games on the iPhone whilst waiting, since Blogger is available on the iPhone to store information offline, we have decided to try write a bit more and see how we like this idea of blogging. It's spontaneous and it is perhaps more efficient. Collecting pictures and thoughts to post after a few weeks often miss out a lot of details.

We were shocked, once again though we really should not be, that the air is bad again in KL. The haze is back. We could immediately spell the smoke as soon as the cabin doors opened at the airport. We are not looking forward to spending the week here. It always reminds us of the time in Singapore last week when the haze went up to about 400 psi and it was impossible to go outdoors. But then again, what do we know? We were traveling for work during that time last year.

Now this stretch not only shows the deteriorated air but also a derelict version of Michel Gondry's Star Guitar.

In case you are reading this from somewhere else... This is the commute from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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