Singapore is now considered as one of the most expensive places to live on earth. And just when you start to wonder what one jobless person can do here, there are actually some freebies out there. Freebies, this word somehow makes it sound so cheap but it is true, there are actually good people out there who care for the wellbeing of others and who want to teach and share the experience. 

So I have recently gotten myself into meditation, considering I now have the time to spend on myself. I quit my job due to many reasons but some of it was being overwhelmed by the workload or in my employer's term, the sheer high standards I have for my work. Anyway, enough of ungrateful people and companies, here am I contemplating on a Tuesday afternoon if I should go for this free meditation or not... It was an hour of sitting on the fence, and upon completing 'The Identical' the movie, I was inspired by the character in the movie and got off my ass. 

One never really know what to expect when you attend a free session as such. Is it professional? Is it dodgey? What is it like? 

I have been doing some meditations from home. And if any of you are interested, you can very easily find some rather good guided ones on YouTube. I highly recommend them using headphones. I started meditation before sleeping. I usually have a hard time going to bed. My mind is too active. The soothing music and guided voices help to calm the mind and divert your focus to what is really important, you, your breathing, and clarity and in the case of nighttime, sleep. I wanted to see what it is like to meditate as a group. So far I have ever achieved a 45 minute meditation but that is dozing off to sleep and not really clearing one's mind so to speak. Thus,, thus, this free meditation session.

It is a Tuesday before Christmas so it was not a big meditation group. There were about 7 people more or less. Yoga mats and cushions were set up and those pyramids you see have a crystal in the core. The meditators believe that the vibration from the crystal can enhance the meditative process to a multiplication of 3. I am not sure about that, I guess I have to meditate tomorrow by myself again to see if there is a difference. But what I really appreciate is these volunteers coming together to help others and people rushing to this venue to attend the session. This really helps as a collective to have a higher energy level to concentrate and achieve the hour of meditation.

The meditation started with a short introduction. I was the only one who is new to the group so the 'master' was kind enough to give me a short intro to how I should sit and position myself and how the session would go. 

We started with a 10-15 minute breathing and relaxation, followed by meditation with music, focusing on our breathing throughout. It was quite an experience because it was indeed easier to meditate as a group. The energy and the motivation amongst the attendees made it a breeze to go through a hour. 

What I experienced was a more relaxed, more refreshed and clearer self. At the end of the session, there was a 15-20 minute sharing session on what people felt about it and anything about meditation in general. I felt a lot of spiritual goodness amongst the people and the session. I will definitely attend it again. It is not an easy exercise to follow through an hour but if anyone has the time, I really recommend it. Inertia is a devil and if we can overcome it, what is an hour of ME time? We seem to be so willing to spend an hour on crap telly and work, whatever happened to spending time with just ourselves?

If any of you are interested, please find information on the free mediation sessions in Singapore on If you are just visiting Singapore, why not consider dropping by to learn a thing or 2 about meditation anyway. It is in Little India itself and you can combine it with a trip to visit that area of the city.

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