I have taken up mediation and I have learned that it helps to clear the mind and begin a day feeling more refresh. You will feel clear of negative thoughts and will be able to head the day with much ease. I have asked a few friends to try meditating to reap the benefits, even health benefits since some of them suffer from high blood pressure and anxiety. That is to no avail.

Some people are just not open to trying things or they might even think meditation has something to do with religion and is against their religion. I am not here to change anyone's mind but I do urge people to try it. It has nothing religious about it, it is not difficult and you can start by choosing the length of time you are comfortable with. I found a 10 minute guide to introduce easy meditation and the breathing methods. Do have a try and see what you think for yourself. It is after free and what is 10 minute of your life in the whole scheme of things? What percentage is that in your life and how is learning something new compared to 10 minutes on the smartphone or telly? 

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