It irks me to be writing a review on this movie. But I was so irked that I couldn't find reviews that reflect my feeling on this very awkward movie. How do I put it? It is so awkward and possibly not even worth my time, that I am sitting here wondering if I should even start with this post.

Perhaps points will make it easier.
  • I didn't read the book(s) but I thought I would watch the movie since it is so talked about and I also found a streaming version of it. Though, the version was censored on some of the sex scenes.
  • I like Sam Taylor Johnson. And I wish she would not make the sequels. The plot is flakey to begin with, so it is very difficult to build a story around it when the author and fans are expecting you to keep it true to the book.
  • The casting is good. I think Dakota Johnson is good. I think Jamie D is very cute. Whether he is the right Mr Grey or not, that is to be debated. The character in the story is so weak and not fleshed out that it is difficult for any actor or the director to expand on it.
  • Why is this based on Twilight? Fan fiction? Maybe I am too old to understand this. It is just weird and perverse. Loads of teens and young adults are reading or have read Twilight but this? This is selling BDSM to young people. What is going on?
  • There are much more tasteful BDSM movies done in the past like 9 1/2 weeks and Secretary. I know perhaps there should be more sex scenes in this 21st century version. But do they need to be that suggestive. Actually they are not even suggestive. They are what they are. Literal. I just think the psychology is not explored. It is just pure sex, give me the sex and ignore the psychology. 
  • Have anyone also noticed that the male protagonists in 9 1/2 weeks and Secretary have the same last name? They are all called Grey. John Grey and Edward Grey respectively.
  • It is all about sex. What happened to twists and turns. Where is the romance? There are some gifts and extravagance. They seem to be infatuated and just love sex. Conversations are limited.
  • How true or untrue the lack of plot and dialogue are to the book, I do not know. But not all movies and books should be mirrored. There can still be a lot of details in props and sets to create more dimensional characters. OMG. Never mind. Is it just all about the sex again?
  • Do any of you think this is really an appropriate movie? A virgin meets BDSM rich guy. She isn't into BDSM. He finds out she is a virgin and deflowers her anyway. They both know they have different rules and still pursued sex together. No they didn't seem to pursue being together because they didn't date, nor have dialogues. Or much of it.
  • It left a bad taste in my mouth. A plot like this is usually for a B movie that will and should not have such a big box office. But why is this now big? It is promoting a deviant sort of relationship/romance.
  • It ended abruptly. Yes, I do not mind it. What do people expect? I am sure there will be the sequels, so this open ended, abrupt ending is just right. Artistic ending in my opinion. Talk about a cliff-hanger. Isn't that what it is? I thought that is how the book ended?

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