Ever since I decided to minimise my life I have been thinking of ways to do it. As a lot of people said, it is not a sprint, it is a marathon. One cannot except minimalism to happen over night. Sure it cannot. I am conscious of how things are still in piles in my life and it needs time to be sorted. I am bringing old clothes to my upcoming travel and I am not bringing them back.

Just as minimising my wardrobe takes effort, minimising my life takes even more. I am slowly getting rid of spam people in my life. People who give me bad energy, people who are just nuisance and do not add to me feeling good, people who bring me down, people who talk nonsense, people who do not respect me and especially my time.

Minimising is maximising your time. So apart from quitting Facebook and consolidating my contacts to one or two social apps, I am also unsubscribing to a lot of mailing lists. Lists like Etsy and Ebay because I am not buying more things. Lists like restaurants, resorts and hotels. Lists like shit other mailing lists put you onto. Not only they are not adding value to my life, they are sucking the time of me. Every second I open those mails and take a glance, every second I dedicate to deleting them adds up to minutes and then hours...etc. I think of compounding seconds.

So, even if my minimising project is going slowly, it is going slowly but surely. I still get a lot of emails that are of no importance. I still open all of them. But this time, I give them more seconds or minutes of my life, to unsubscribe in exchange for more time in the future.

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