1. Rose Petal Tea
You will need to use organic roses in the kitchen for consumption. Non-organic roses have chemical fertiliser in them and pesticide on them and are unsafe. You can make rose tea the same way you make infusion with fresh mint. A few petals in a tea cup, fresh boiled water and keep the petals in for a few minutes and enjoy. You can leave the petals in.

2. Rose Petal Sauce
This is a Mexican recipe as featured in the movie 'Like Water for Chocolate'. A quail dish made with rose petal sauce shared between the star crossed lovers. Puree the rose petals and cactus and whisk in honey, salt and pepper.

3. Rose Petal Vinegar
You can have rose infused vinegar in mere minutes for your dinner party. Simmer white wine vinegar and rose petals in a stainless steel saucepan. Stir and let the vinegar cool once perfumed. You can leave the petals in for aesthetics.

4. Rose Petal Salad
Toss the pretty petals with your spring or summer salad. It adds colour and fragrance to the season of full bloom. Rose goes well with chicken, peaches and peas. It adds a perfume to the bitter rocket leaves.

5. Rose Petal Jam
Treat the petals you would like any fruits for making jam with. Combine the petals with some citrus juice and sugar and set aside. It could be lemon, lime or orange juice. Bring the mixture to a boil and simmer until the consistency is of desired. It depends how strong you like the rose perfume to be, you will have to experiment the ratio.

6. Rose Petal Sweet Milk
This is like the spiced milk that we all know well. The Indians drink rose flavoured syrup with milk. But this is as delicious if you have fresh petals around. Simmer the petals in the milk and add sugar or condensed milk to taste.

7. Candied Rose Petals
Dip the rose petals in egg white and then in icing sugar. Place the petals one by one on a silicon sheet or baking paper and let dry. Once dry, they are a bit brittle. Use them on top of cakes, fruits or poached fruits for decorations.

8. Rose Petal Extract
Put as many petals as you can in a glass jar, and fill it up with vodka. Place the jar in a dark place and wait until the petals lose their colour. You will get rose extract for baking, cooking or even cocktails. You can speed up the process by placing the sealed jar in a dishwasher run.

9. Rose Petal Ice Cubes
Spruce up iced teas or cocktails by freezing petals in ice cubes. They make the drinks super pretty. The trick is to make the ice with boiled water. You will get clear ice cubes instead of cloudy ones.

10. Fruits with Rose Perfume
Soak cut fruits in chilled rose petal tea, or if you want, add rose petal extract for more perfume. Leave the fruits to chill while tossing them every now and then make sure they are all infusing. Drain and serve. This makes a delightful surprise.

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